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Current Needs in Cana Communities


  • de Porres House: Team of volunteers needed at De Porres House Darlinghurst to assume responsibility for one Thursday evening meal each month. Attendees at these dinners average between 30 and 35 each week and always arrive with big appetites. Dinner is usually served around 6.15 pm with Mass following around 7 pm. We try and close the gates by 8 pm. Anyone interested can contact Tricia on 0421 339 743.
  • Cana Farm - Penrith: Word Processing and Excel skills needed to upskill some of our community at the farm at Penrith.  We have community at the farm who work in our office space who need to be trained in basic word and excel skills.  If you have some time every two weeks to help our office staff please contact Danielle Seisun through


de Porres House:

  • 20 Volunteers to Support Workers | Cana Communities has a new initiative of offering casual work to its residents. This opportunity of paid employment is allowing residents to experience more than welfare service while living at Cana premises. Our residents are appreciative of the opportunity and the dignity it is bringing to their lives. However, we urgently need more volunteers to accompany the workers.
    How can you help? Work is being offered at a rate of 4 hours per week, generally in shifts of 2 hours per day. Ideally, groups of volunteers (2 to 4) working to support an individual ensures there is constantly someone accompanying the worker. All you need to be a “companion”, is a desire to support someone as they take new steps to achieve another life goal. We will be offering training and support for those volunteering. Get involved, contact
  • Overnight Stay + Weekday Lunch | Volunteers are needed to stay overnight at this transitional home, a great way to get to know our residents. Help with weekday meals, spend time with our residents and take them to their scheduled appointments, and/or help with the Monday picnic at Green Park. Contact us via
    We have an urgent need for volunteers to join us at de Porres on Mondays from 10am till 2pm. You would be joining a team and preparing and sharing lunch with residents at de Porres and a picnic at Green Park. It’s a rewarding experience offering relationships with people from different life experiences. Listening and companionship are precious gifts to bring. Contact Mary Willcox via

Cana Farm - Penrith:

  • Bus Driver | We need someone to drive the bus at the farm, picking up people from the station, running errands and doing the shopping. The farm is located at Orchard Hills and is open Monday to Thursday. Help on any of the days would be greatly appreciated.
    Please contact Dani at
  • Meal Preparation | Help with lunchtime meal preparation on Monday and/or Wednesday. Help with our morning bus runs from Kingswood Station, Monday to Thursday 7.30am. During the day you could be involved in what may interest you at the farm, garden, cafe, odd jobs, mechanical etc. Be part of the community

Parish Appeal

Many of Cana’s donations are received through parish appeals. If you think your parish may be willing to host an appeal in which one of our members speaks about Cana Communities’ work and services, please get in touch via


Nagle House

Assistance on Mondays to Thursdays spending time during the day with the residents, forming relationships and helping with day to day appointments etc. Nagle House, needs your help

Garden Shelter

There is a need for volunteers on Thursday nights to help with dinner and make people feel welcome at this overnight shelter.

Teresa House

Help with dinner and overnight shifts on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday nights. Volunteer at a shelter