Current Needs

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Current needs in Cana Communities

Weekend Social Group

We are looking to start a social group for weekend activities for members of our community and are in need of someone to organise the roster and head this initiative. Activities could take place once a month and involve simple activities such as a movie, coffee, walk, or otherwise.

There is a volunteer base available, as we have a number of people who wish to volunteer but can only do so on weekends. For further information on this initiative please call Stephanie on 0414 945 097 or via

Parish Appeal

Many of Cana’s donations are received as result of appeals held in parishes across Sydney. If you think your parish might be willing to host an appeal where one of our members speaks about Cana please let us know at

Cana shelter needs

Nagle House

Call for volunteers who would like to help with dinners, lunches or scheduled social activities. Spend time with our residents, and take them to their scheduled appointments or plan social activities.

Garden Shelter

Call for volunteers on Thursday nights to help prepare and share dinner, and make people feel welcome at the emergency overnight shelter.

Cana Farm

  • Help in the kitchen on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
  • Help with the organisation of our Mother’s and Father’s Day gifts and stalls.
  • Help with packing hampers.
  • Help in the vegetable gardens Monday to Thursday.

De Porres House

Call for volunteers to stay overnight at the transitional home, a rewarding way to get to know residents and Cana community members.

  • Help with weekday meals. 
  • Help spend time with our residents and take them to their scheduled appointments.  
  • Help with the Monday picnic at Green Park, Darlinghurst, Sydney.