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Cana Farm provides the opportunity for people to learn from each other and to recreate themselves. The Farm employs people who have lived on the margins and been severely disadvantaged.

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Support and Respite

Cana Communities provides support and respite for those in need or at-risk by providing short to middle term accommodation...

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Crisis Accommodation

Cana Communities have set up a number of shelters for those who are at risk or with nowhere to go. We need the support of the wider community...

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Cana Farm, picnics, and trips to the movies offer the opportunity for people from all walks of life to get involved and share each others company...

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Join Us

We urgently need volunteers of all ages, to asist at our shelters and in community work...

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Your donation enables us to continue our work. For that we are truly grateful...

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About Cana Communities

Our focus is on people who are most in need, who are suffering from loneliness, mental illness, addictions, homelessness and other factors which alienate them within society. Those with the fewest options and who are most alienated are our special care.


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