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Cana in the community

Everyone's life should be celebrated, rich or poor and no matter their background.

Community activities:

  • Cana Farm is a place where people from all walks of life can get involved, either working together or visiting on Market Days. Fresh produce is harvestested, distributed and made available at the farm gate.
  • Picnics, trips to the movies, and other activities allow anyone involved with Cana Communities to contribute and be amongst good company and hospitality. 
  • Everyone is welcome each Thursday night for Mass and a meal at De Porres House, Sydney.
  • Monday garden lunches in St Luke's Church Community Garden in Mosman Park, Perth, bring those living on the margins together to share a prayer, meal and good company, as well as the opportunity to learn together how to grow and nurture fruits, vegetables and flowers.
  • Everyone welcome each Wednesday lunch to join us for a meal and social gathering at Emmaus House, Fremantle, WA.
  • We would dearly love to start a social group for weekend activities for members of our community, and we are looking for someone to organise the roster and head this initiative. These activities could be once a month and involve simple activities such as a movie, coffee, walk, or otherwise. For more information, contact Stephanie at


St Luke's Church Community Garden in Mosman Park, Perth