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Cana Communities Incorporated

Cana Communities began as De Porres House in 1975 and has continued under the name Cana Communities Inc since 1995. Working in inner Sydney, the organisation has set up overnight shelters and homes. Cana has also recently partnered in a western Sydney farm project.

The organisation is mostly run by volunteers, and is solely reliant on donations from the community.  Cana Communities receives no government funding, and so is grateful for your support.

Who does Cana support?

Those who have been rejected by the community and are desperately trying to find a way to belong and reintegrate


Cana Communities celebrates people.

We create a community with all the love, chaos, and frustration of a family, in which people can feel listed to and valued.

We provide shelters and homes and a sense of belonging for people in need.

We have volunteers who visit men and women in jail.

Cana supports those who live on the margins, many who have spent years on the streets, and in institutions.