Ways you can get involved

We urgently need volunteers of all ages, to assit at our shelters and in community work. It’s challenging, real fun, heart-rending, demanding and rewarding. Many people find different ways of sharing with those who are homeless.

Everyone has something to offer another. Friendship rather than expertise is needed in our communities.

We need your help for…



with street people who, more than most, need conversation, understanding and love.

Staying overnight

with the street people who come to Teresa House and the Church Shelters.

Welcoming people

(evenings) to spend time listening to their stories at the Shelters and Café Cana.


for those needing support to clean and/or look after themselves.
Cooking and sharing meals at Teresa House or Depores Houes.

Office work

For example typing and clerical assistance.

Other forms of expertise

For example the creative areas of music, writing, art, design and so forth.